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Angelle Sampey-Drago Returns with Star Racing
In her mind, Angelle Sampey-Drago was happily retired. But after a trip to an NHRA event earlier this year, the itch to compete started to come back
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Dano's View From the Pits - State of Harley Drag Racing - Part 2
This season we have seen a dramatic decline in racer & spectator attendance at most every motorcycle drag racing event.

NHRA : John Hall Hopeful for Indy Magic this Weekend
John Hall always knew the U.S. Nationals was big, but it wasn’t until he won a year ago in that he realized just how significant it was.

Dragstalgia Report from Santa Pod Raceway
Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway is now into its fourth year of running, with the emphasis very firmly on celebrating times gone by...

DANO's Grudgefest & Midnight Grudge Wars
The guys of Asphalt and Opportunity headed to Rockingham to cover Dano's Grudgefest...

Dano's View From the Pits - State of Harley Drag Racing
I don’t agree with airing dirty laundry on any social media. But I must say that one of the reports was very professionally done and seemed to stay on point and certainly explained one side of the story.

AMRA : Photo Coverage from Rockingham
Two photographers team together to bring you 300 photos to give you all the action from the track.

Rider Profile : Ron Wood
Ron is a person you can't help but like and adored by so many. Ron is one of the most charming, considerate, determined people you could ever meet.

NHRA : Photo Highlights from the Route 66 Nationals
Arana Jr. grabbed his first Pro Stock Motorcycle victory of 2014 with a pass of 6.925 at 193.93 on his Lucas Oil Buell, defeating father and teammate Hector Arana and his Lucas Oil Products Buell.

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Brocks Perfomrance
Technical and Product Review
The Flying Tiger : Fluid Mechanics - PART 12
Computational fluid dynamics, usually abbreviated as CFD, is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows.

The Flying Tiger : BODYWORK - PART 10
So now that we have built a machine capable of possibly going 300mph+ in the 1 mile short course, how about we put some skin on her.
The Making of a Knightmare - Part 2
Two months after the first installment of this bike build, Ben's Knightmare #4 is taking shape...

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